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Robert Thompson is a historian living in the St. Louis, Missouri area. A former career military officer, he has a bachelor’s degree in history from Texas Tech University, and was a Distinguished Graduate of American Military University, from which he holds a graduate degree in Military Studies-Civil War. His first book, A Woman of Courage on the West Virginia Frontier: Phebe Tucker Cunningham, was published in 2013, and his second book, Disaster on the Sandusky: The Life of Colonel William Crawford, was released in 2017. A third book, titled "General Emory Upton in the Civil War: The Formative Experiences of an American Military Visionary," was released by McFarland Publishing in July 2019. His book, Suddenly Soldiers: The 166th Infantry Regiment in World War I, was released by Westholme Publishing in December 2020 and was a finalist for the Army Historical Foundation's 2020 Distinguished Writing Award. A fifth book, Nine Desperate Days: America's Rainbow Division in the Aisne-Marne Offensive, was released by Westholme Publishing in June 2022. His other works include “William Averell’s Cavalry Raid on the Virginia & Tennessee Railroad,” published in the November 2000 issue of America’s Civil War and “Battle of Cold Harbor: The Folly and Horror,” which appeared in the November 2006 issue of Military History. He has also written seven book reviews for Michigan State University’s Civil War H-Net Web site.